Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd.has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of Sludge Treatment Equipment, Waste Carbonization Furnace, Agro Waste Carbonization Furnace and Wood Carbonization Furnace since 1998. Having been granted with the EU mandatory safety certification–”CE” certification, all of them enjoy a worldwide reputation. And they have been exported to America, Poland, Turkey, Canada, Peru, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Our products convert waste to wealth and improve human living environment.

Precautions before the carbonization machine put into operation

Carbonization Project Annalysis Report

Carbonization Equipment Project profile In order to meet state environmental protection, The macro-control policy of energy saving and emission reduction, Meet ...
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How does the straw carbonization machine produce mechanism carbon bar?

The wheat is growing strongly after the spring rain moisture of several rounds in the most areas this year, and it will be the time of wheat mature after several months. There will be a large number of straw that needs to be addressed by that time. Burning the straw will pollute the air, but if directly landfilled, there will … More

The routine repair and maintenance of straw carbonization machine

When repairing the carbonization machine, we firstly should switch off electrical power and hang out the sign of in repairment to ensure the maintenance crews’safe, and there should be more than two maintenance crews. When repairing the carbonization machine, please firstly read the instructions in detail, and be familiar with every part’s structure of carbonization machine. Recognize the relative location … More

Oxygen-free carbonization machine can improve the quality of biomass carbonization

Biomass charcoal is including rice husk charcoal, straw charcoal, saw dust charcoal, fruit shell charcoal ( coconut shell, palm shell etc.). If the biomass charcoal is only regarded as fuel to use, half of the carbonization equipment can basically meet the conditions. But some charcoal products need biomass charcoal content between 60%-80%, which is a test of the equipment’s structure … More

The carbonization machine helps in reducing straw burning and easing the haze weather

In October 18th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the investigation results of the satellite remote sensing about the straw burning in the national scope since October 1st. Looking from the fire point intensity of the straw burning, the provinces whose average fire point number per thousand hectares of arable land rank top five are Liaoning, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and … More

The Carbonization Machine for Bamboo Chips Enriches The Function of Bamboo

Bamboo is the representative plant in China, as we all know, the bamboo branches are tall, strong and slender, keep green all the year around, and never afraid of frost and rain, which is appreciated by Chinese from ancient times to the present. We used the bamboo chips cut by bamboo for writing in the old days, this was known … More