Wuhan Moshuihu Lake for the first time used a mobile dredging factory

Report from our correspondent , Recently,in the Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province the moshuihu lake Branch of the water, a dredging ship under construction, along with the mud and the water pumped, water directly returned to lakes, mud became bricks in only half an hour.

Different from traditional underwater dredging, construction here is almost no impact on the surrounding environment, do not dry lake, no smell, nor were rolling mud.

carbonizationfurnaceThis country’s first portable removable water “dredging factory” makes suck silt, filtration, deodorant, purification, recycling carbide sludge handler complete in a one-stop platform in the water. The treated water can be directly discharged into the lake, and the separated sludge is made of construction materials, the whole process is about 30 minutes, the original black smelly sludge can be recycled into a permeable brick.

According to the chairman Liu Jianping of Wuhan Fang Yuan environmental technology company who developed this equipment said this “dredging factory” is called multifunctional integrated wastewater treatment equipment ,has gained the national intellectual property patents. Its platform to build in 15 days, to remove it needs 10 days. This “dredging factory” the core equipment (carbonation systems, drying systems)is produced by by Henan — Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., the company’s sludge treatment system is in the world’s leading level. ” The building of Dredging factory” thanks to the strong support of Henan — machinery, after its building,can handle 8400 tons mud per day, 6000 tons of sewage, producing 300 tons carbonized sand or 30000 permeable brick.

After disassembling of this water dredging facility , it can be also easily transferred to other lakes for repeated use,after a few months it will be moved to xianning Dazhoulake ecological restoration project.

In recent years, moshuihu lake receives nearly 80,000 tons of water pollutant each day, black smelly lake water quality, organic pollutants seriously overweight, a long period worse than Grade Ⅴ. Last year, the overall moshuihu lake water pollution control project started ,seven major outfalls have been achieved pollution interception. This year, the moshuihu lake dredging project has started, planned dredging 500,000 cubic meters, the pilot integrated water dredging 100,000 cubic meters, expected to be completed in about two months.

Lee Guibai ,Chinese Academy of Engineering after watching thought that China lakes around mostly gathered residential or scenic areas, the implementation of sound harmless operation is necessary.

It is known that water dredging technology has won the bid for shanxi fenhe xiangfen dredging and huangshi, ezhou, hubei, hebei yutian county and more lake dredging projects, the project total scale will exceed 5 billion yuan.