Why are the cabonization machines from Beston so popular with customers?

Carbonization machines can be?subdivided into rice husk carbonization machine, saw powder carbonization machine, straw carbonization machine, garbage carbonization machine, peat carbonization machine, bamboo carbonization, wood bark shell carbonization machine and other activated carbon carbonization equipment.

Why are the cabonization machines from Beston Group so popular with customers?

According to statistics, coal reserves in the world can only be used for about 60 years according to the current exploitation utilization. Biomass energy has become an important development direction of renewable energy in the future. While the new mechanism charcoal (such as straw charcoal, rice husk charcoal etc.) as a kind of new-type biomass renewable energy, it’s energy-saving and environment-friendly, and is much lower than the raw coal’s price and cost in the market. It’s widely used in urban energy, coal-fired boiler, etc. With the increasing lack of energy and the state advocating Energy conservation, emissions reduction and purify the environment, biomass renewable energy activated carbon’s market requirement and profit margin will be immeasurable.

Beston Group has more than ten years of production experience. The company mainly produce the new series of new continuous smokeless carbonization machine. The equipment can make production and living waste (such as wood, bark, rice husk, straw, saw dust, sludge, bamboo, shell etc.) to activated carbon carbonization, desulfurization gypsum drying, phosphogypsum calcination and garbage smokeless burning disposal. The activated carbon has?extremely high carbon content, and has little powder. Also the new continuous carbonization machine achieve large-tonnage and continuously carbonize, and?thoroughly solve the puzzles about high cost and much powder that customers used carbonization furnace. It is easily operated and conveniently used, high-level automation, and can reduce labor cost for customers.

Beston Group is continuously improving equipment based on the customers’ requirement, and we have a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team and one-on-one?service. We endeavor to provide high-quality and high-efficiency equipment for customers, that’s why we are so popular and welcome with customers.