What is the value in use of the crop stalks?

Crop stalks is a very large by-product in China’s agricultural industry, and lots of the crop stalks in rural area is no use due to the lack of the related knowledge and technology. People can only make simple incineration treatment to deal with crop stalks. It is not only polluting the environment but also wasting resources. Country has made a very harsh measure about the burning crop stalks, although the implementation of the idea of returning straws into the oil, a large part of farmers still can’t make good use of the value in straws because of the lack of large amount of money.


Beston machinery has introduced the latest type of continuous smokeless carbonization machine against the recycling and reuse of the biomass such as straws. Adopting the latest technology and the most exquisite carbonization process, it can make high quality carbonization processing to handle the corn stover, wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice husk and other biomass, and it is a kind of new environmental protection and energy-saving carbonization equipment.

The series of carbonization equipment include: carbonization machine, burning machine and dryer. Compared with the similar products, the equipment is low cost, high performance, high productivity and easy operation. The charcoal through the biomass carbonization is high quality and wide-range usage. It can be also used for grilling, heating, charcoal for industry, etc.

The series products of crop stalks carbonization machine of Beston machinery put the majority of customer’s need as starting point, making the crop straw recycling and reuse, turning waste into treasure. It not only can solve the environmental problems but also can increase revenue, which can be a fast track to the well-off life!