What is the use value of the crop straw?

Crop straw is a very big by-product in our agricultural products industry. We have ignored the use of corn straw for a long time due to lack of relevant knowledge and technology. The only thing we can to is to incinerate them, which will pollute environment and waste resources. Our government has implemented a ban on the burning of straw. We all know the idea of returning straw to field, but a large number of farmers can not make full use of straws due to lack of money.

What is the use value of the crop straw

To recycle straw and other biomass, Beston Group Co., Ltd has launched the new type of continuous smoke-free carbonization machine which adopts the latest technology and the most exquisite carbonization process. This machine is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving equipment and it can carbonize raw materials such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, rice husk and other biomass into high-quality products.

This series of carbonization equipment include: carbonization machine, calcination machine and drying machine. Compared with the similar equipments, this series has lower cost, better performance, higher capacity and is easier to operate. The biomass carbon carbonized by this series of equipments has good quality and can be used widely, such as barbecue, heating and industrial carbon etc.

Beston Straw Carbonization Machine pays more attention to customers’ demands and can recycle the crop straw, which will both solve the problem of environmental protection and increase revenue. Beston Straw Carbonization Machine is another shortcut for you to live a well-off life.