The ways to convert urban waste to useful products

Governance of urban air pollution and motor vehicle exhaust. the major pollution of urban, one is comes from urban itself as well as rural-urban fringe zone’s motor vehicle exhaust, and the poisonous and harmful mixed matter which was released by factories and private fuel burning, another is comes from the dust of moving motor vehicle and the dust product from north monsoon climate .for now, some change had happened in environment management  ,but workload of  governance is still large. for example ,there are more difficult points in environment governance of rural-urban fringe zone ,the department of government environment governance is lack of people, governance covers large area, regional people scattered. we should improve the urban  environment governance before management environment of rural-urban fringe zone for regional environment.

finalproductsThe rectification of exotic floating vehical in the rural-urban fringe zone..the key is inspect emission standard of agricultural  diesel car to the floating vehical across province and cities. agriculture automobile is the serious pollution in diesel cars, with  lack of management and complicated model ,which always focus issue to save.

Foreign population is large in rural-urban fringe area and the structure of employees is complex .we just talk about governance of bath water ,burning dust of boiler and poisonous and harmful gas as well as the small hot water boiler pollution.

If the regional government had took above two policies to strength  pollution control ,the urban air quality index will not like this .governance  should become magistrate accountability system not go through the motions ,the sky will more clear if the citizen involve. We should begin from the following points:

1. Every city should establish different sizes of garbage collection areas, which are invested by government and take the public joint stock management mode to recycle municipal waste scientifically and prohibit waste incineration and landfill disposal.

2. For different waste recycling, it can become a kind of more business, more varieties of chain operation mode to upgrade the additional energy recycling industries such as paper-making industry, metal manufacturing industry, plastics and other chemical material industries which use waste to product building materials and recycle rare metals, etc.

3. Implement trash classification measures of systematic and professional, and establish an effective legal guarantee system.

4. The most important link of urban garbage classification is to deal with shattered powder sorted. We can add sticky materials, put pressure on the bodies of the finished products to make new products, and use them for buildings materials, other basic construction materials and thermal insulation materials.

5. Shattered powder of municipal waste is added other trace elements without processing, which also can be made into fertilizer and the future of this process is very bright.

6. Garbage sorting processing can implement strict management to households and enterprises. Garbage is transported to refuse treatment plant collectively.

7. Change the urban garbage from waste into useful items, benefit all mankind, and make the earth environment improved and updated continuously through scientific recycling method. Solve the problem of urban pollution, we need to build universal green environmental protection career under the guidance and participation of governments around the world, and manage the mutual space of the earth. Cities do not have the pollution problem of waste incineration and landfill again. Natural resources are limited, and renewable energy is infinite. Benign energy recovery is a major project about science and technology reasonably