The use of carbonized rice husk

Rice husk carbonization in an emerging industry, then what are the uses of carbonized rice husk?

Firstly, heat preservation material. The carbonized rice husk does not contain other impurities and it has low weight and low thermal conductivity. It really has superior thermal insulation capacity. In metallurgy and casting, the carbonized rice husk can be used for covering the surface of steel or iron to reduce its radiation, convection and the heat loss of conduction. The carbonized rice husk can also be used to reduce the melt temperature and energy consumption on the premise of guarantee the casting temperature of the metal. It can also reduce the shrinkage of steel and is good for improving the steel yield.

The use of carbonized rice husk

Secondly, to make activated carbon. The basic component of the carbonized rice husk is carbon and silicon and it does not contain harmful elements such as arsenic and lead, etc.The rice husk after carbonization that will not cause pesticide pollution can be used as material of activated carbon. The activated carbon made from carbonized rice husk is poisonless and harmless and can be used widely in medicine, sugar and food industry.

Thirdly, agriculture and environment. In agriculture, carbonized rice husk can be used to increase temperature, loose soil, adjust the PH degree of the soil and it can also be used for nurturing seedlings and increase the yield of crops due to its unique characteristics. In environment, the carbonized rice husk can be used for air purification, water purification and sewage treatment.

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