The technology progress of environmental carbonization machine to promote the recycling of solid waste

Solid waste is produced in the process of production, life and other human activities and they have lost use value, which includes three form of existence, gas, solid and liquid. The solid waste produced in human production activities is commonly as waste residue and that generated in daily life is called garbage. The state advocates the comprehensive utilization of resources so as to make full use of resources, increase economic and environmental benefit, which is conducive to social progress and improvement of living standards.

environmental carbonization machine

With the development of science and technology and the continuous reduction of non renewable resources, the solid waste produced yesterday must be recycled today. For this purpose, Beston Group Co., Ltd has launched the solid waste carbonization machine which mainly carbonizes garbage and industrial sludge etc. The temperature must be raised to 1300℃ so that the strong carcinogen dioxin produced in the process of carbonization can be decomposed. The new model WJF solid waste carbonization furnace can work continuously and improve production efficiency and both of the flue gas filter and flue gas recovery can meet the requirements of the state. At present, there are more than ten million tons of solid waste that cannot be dealt with each year. The situation of solid waste treatment is very grim because the solid waste not only occupies land but also pollutes environment.

At present, the solid waste that are easy to handle include river sludge, industrial sludge, industrial waste, garbage, slag, waste biomass and animal body. These things are easy to be carbonized and used there are many kinds of processing direction of carbide such as carbon controlled slow-release fertilizer, activated carbon, carbon fiber, carbon rod etc.