The technical characteristics of carbonization equipment

According to a variety of organic which is different in raw materials and water content, the final technical parameters will also be different even though we use the same equipment. In short, the temperature of carbonization machine should not lower than 700℃. The higher the temperature, the bigger the capacity and the faster the carbon speed . People in different areas may have different requirements for carbonation because of the different application of carbonized “man made charcoal”. The equipment can produce 1-10t/h when the carbon content is 15%. If the carbon content is 30%, equipment’s maximum capacity is 6t/h.

The technical characteristics of carbonization equipment

At present, the “one fire two step method carbonizing machine” produced by our company is exclusive and so far there is no other technology equipment could be mentioned with us in the same breath.(Refers to the carbonized operation cost and production). The removal of water costs little and moisture reduction is due to the use of the waste heat and smoke. In this case, we only need to calculate the cost of carbonizing. The utilization rate of calorific fuel can reach more than 90%. Any traditional machine does not have such a structure and there exists blind spots in improving the technology.

About the fuel selection, our machine can design the hot air source system according to customer’s local cheap fuel to make full use of carbon, coal, biomass, combustible gas and rubbish. In this way can save cost as well as achieve the virtuous circle.

In addition, we only use one hot air source system in the process of producing. As we all know, one more hot air source system means one more step and the cost of fuel, electricity, labor will also increase. This is a scientific and practical problem without a doubt.

It has been proved that the flue gas discharged by our equipment can meet the requirements of national environmental protection.