What are the advantages of rice husk carbonizaion machine?

Rice husk charcoal has a great many advantages, having a close relationship between its economic value and its use. In generally, there are two uses for rice husk charcoal, one is to turn the rice husk char into Carbon slow-release fertilizer by light processing to improve the farmland fertility and heat preservation ability. The other is to put the rice husk char on the surface of molten steel to catch impurities, and we won’t make an introduction of other unfrequent users one by one. Now, we will talk about the advantages of carbide furnace and charcoal equipment when making a dry distillation for rice husk.


1. Continuous System:

If carbide furnace was produced by the cooperation of traditional process and the previous generation technology, while carbide machine is a combination of modern technology and traditional technology. Designing the previous machines, people’s idea was fixed tightly in a narrow range of piles production, which lead to a waste of man energy and insufficiency for the carbonization of rice husk, and the effect of carbonization is very different between the inner and the outer.

2. Saving Energy

In fact, carbide furnace has been made fully use of heat, while a combustible gas will be produced during its process of dry distillation. the rice husk char machine will recycle these gas into the furnace by air duct, which not only helping for combustion, but reducing the use of coal, natural gas, and biomass carbon, therefore, the equipment is less energy consumption than the previous generation product.

3. Environmental Protecting

Rice husk carbide machine adopts advanced water film dust removal way, filtering the carbide particles and harmful substances produced during the process of rice husk carbonization. Beston Group can ensure you green process in today’s strict environmental protection.

Those are the main advantages of carbonizing machine producing rice husk. Another thing worth noting is that the same rice husk is produced by different machines, the carbon content will be different. The rice husk carbonization machine is suitable for the customers who have made requirements for outcome, environmental protecting as well as carbon content.