The sludge carbonization machine is one of the ideal methods of treatment sludge

In the past years, we still didn’t know the importance of environmental protection, over-utilization of resource, wantonly wasting and trampling our environment are all seriously damaging our only home that we rely on for life sustenance. Now drivened by technology, people created the sludge carbonization equipment. It makes full use of the sludge resource, reducing or even avoiding the impact that sludge has on people’s life, and it can also reduces the sludge odor effectively. This is Beston Group are always insisting in the pursuit of social and social responsibility, and we hope that the sludge treatment equipment can benefit more people in the future!


Having enacted Urban sewage treatment sludge treatment and disposal and pollution control technology polic ( trial implementation), the state encourages urban sewage treatment plant about comprehensive utilization of sludge, including sludge carbonization, sludge dewatering, carbon utilization from sludge carbonization, etc. Although it is trial implementation, we can see that the party’s determination to dispose sludge and improve environment, and we will do what we can do to contribute to society as well.

Municipal solid waste, industrial waste, sewage sludge, industrial sludge all discharged excessively in 2012, and the environmental protection departments all over the city repeated failure to prohibit. Sludge waste treatment technology generalization is unable to operate deeply and the existing technology can’t adapt to the complex environment, so many companies see the huge potential in the market and join in the industry. There is competition there will be progress, but the dazzling sludge treatment methods are not all suitable for the different kinds of sludge in different areas. Therefore Beston has an idea of sludge carbonization, first sludge dewatering and then sludge carbonization. The study shows that some of the sludge having been carbonized can made into bricks and some can be gasify.

Protecting environment starts from the sludge treatment, as one of the environmental enterprises, we are obliged to making our contribution to community.