Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

The routine repair and maintenance of straw carbonization machine

When repairing the carbonization machine, we firstly should switch off electrical power and hang out the sign of in repairment to ensure the maintenance crews’safe, and there should be more than two maintenance crews. When repairing the carbonization machine, please firstly read the instructions in detail, and be familiar with every part’s structure of carbonization machine. Recognize the relative location of every part, and understand the operating principle of the equipment, then begin the maintenance work.

The routine repair and maintenance of straw carbonization machine

The purpose of repairment and maintenance of the carbonization machine is to mend and change the parts broken and worn, and to recover its operational capability and ensure the machine operating safely. The details are including routine repair and regular examination. We should regularly examine the equipment’s fasteners and sensor wiring etc.. It needs at least once a week to examine wear pattern of the gear and dear ring. The replacement parts should be ready one month ahead of time if they are found severe wear.

To change the special gear ring, we should firstly move transmission units away and then blow the junction plate between gear ring and barrel wall by using gas welding, and next rubdown the joint of the barrel wall by angle grinder. Next step, loosen the jackscrews on the gear ring in oppasite angles, and in the end, take down the gear ring and change from the feeding end. As for the changes of lifting blade and material guide plate after worn, we should firstly confirm its material, and then change the spare parts of same material and size. At last, welding connect in original point of view according to the homologous material and welding material, to guarantee the stability and durability after welded. Finally, we talk about the routine repair and maintenance.

Since the air flue’s high humidity and temperature for long time, we need to examine its heat retaining property and leakproofness in the routine repair, beyond that, we also need to regularly examine its smooth, regularly clear the rust, dust and any other blockage; Change the same specification pipeline in the necessary time.