The price of wood powder carbonization machine is determined by many factors

Carbonization machine and carbonization furnace are both biomass carbonization equipment, but their prices are widely different. When users choose a product, they will firstly consider the price and quality. All customers hope to buy the best product at lowest price, which is called cost performance. According to the survey of the network search reports in June, about 27% of people will ask about the price first when choosing the carbonization furnace (carbonization machine). The following is an analysis of this situation.

The price of wood powder carbonization machine is determined by many factors

Firstly, the carbonization machine is gradually forming climate in the market in recent years. Due to the uneven level of the manufacturing industry, the prices and quality of their products are also different.

Secondly, the iteration cycle of product is too long. Carbonization furnace will still occupy a large market share in the next period of time and it will be a long time before carbonization machine take the place of carbonization furnace.

Thirdly, the local environmental requirements are different, which makes many highly polluting carbonization furnaces are still in production.

Fourthly, the carbon market has not yet formed scale and the domestic market distribution is not balanced. It will be a high cost for the small enterprises to change carbonization machine directly.

Carbonization machine can be used in biomass, sludge and waste. The biomass carbonization is most widely used and its prices range from one hundred thousand yuan to one million yuan. Biomass carbonization include straw carbonization, rice husk carbonization and wood powder carbonization etc.. The final product carbon powder can be used as material to make fertilizer, charcoal and activated carbon etc.. The price of the product mainly depends on its value. The reason why carbonization machine has become the focus of media in recent years is due to its two major characteristics, stable and environment friendly. If you want to produce carbon based fertilizer, one host is enough and its price ranges from 100,000 to 300,000 yuan. If you need a further processing, Beston will also provide a variety of solutions for you.