The present and future of the charcoal equipment

Zhengzhou city which made artificial carbon though earth kiln and ordinary charcoal machine at the beginning is the base of the charcoal equipment now. It has been twenties years for the development of the charcoal plants. So what is it today, tomorrow will be like? And where is the way? This is a problem worthy of thinking deeply by each of us.


At first, the charcoal equipment has had a qualitative flight in energy saving and environmental protection, the present charcoal machine has been upgraded into energy-saving and environmental continuous charcoal plant. Adding the flue gas-purifying system, it is able to make a safety disposal of gas so as to solve environmental issue. Combustible gas arising from the purification of flue gas cleaner can be reclaimed to realize the energy saving. Charcoal equipment will have a more broaden future because of the qualitative flight in above two aspects.

Secondly, it has further development in the use of waste. The early charcoal equipment made carbon only using wood as material, while now the raw materials can be rice husk, sawdust, wood shavings and even fruit shells. It has made fully use of waste and leftover materials. With the raw materials expanded a lot, the cost reduced and the profile raised, the business opportunity has naturally been increased and the garbage which had to get rid has become the materials of charcoal now, which realize the goal of turning waste into treasure.

The charcoal equipment has kind of innovation in design, manufacture and technique to realize vaporizing and automobile production, which not only save energy, improve the working environment, but also accelerate carbonization race, improve the production capacity so as to have a big break in output.

The above is some of advantages of charcoal plants. While some shortcomings still exist, such as vicious competitions, rough and easy to copy equipment, the low profile of value-added products, etc.

It will have further development and more broaden ways if above shortcomings can make improvement. Measures: firstly, strengthening the building of industry associations and promoting the union and communication to turn the tables for virtuous circle. Secondly, investing more for scientific research and upgrading the equipment to turn the development to elaborate processing. Thirdly, realizing the fully automated equipment and increasing the value-added products to improve the products’ profile. Finally, strengthening the horizontal alliance to make the scale production come true and change the situation of fight alone.

The future of Beston’s charcoal equipment cannot be valued if shortcomings can be overcome, the advantages be developed and the market be gradually prefect. Because it is a sunrise industry in environmental management and mountains dream.