The operation and installment instruction Of Biomass Burner

Biomass burner (i.e: biomass pellet burner, wood burner, wood flour burner, particles burner, sawdust burner, in the following, we called it”biomass burner”) installation manual.

Pls operate it as the following drawing in order to keep safe operation and normal operation of the Biomass burner:


Start The Machine

1.Before starting, open the Touch hole and manholes to clear the dust in the furnace, including the Furnace wall, bottom, close the Dosing device, Biomass fuels are added into the silo;

2.Check the power supply, water supply systems, fans, feeding system is normal or not, check the expansion water tank until to see the water level is ok;

3.Open the No. 1 valve, the bottom- wind valve, adjust the air flow to be small. Then open the NO.2 and then adjust the feed dosing device to be small, start feeding device, adding a small amount of biomass fuel into the furnace, turn on the Touch hole, start the ignition, after the fuel is ignited, add proper air and close the ignition hole . Gradually increasing the fan flow and adjust the feeding speed and Air volume, do not add the speed too fast, should be 2-3 minutes in order to increase temperature in the furnace normally.

Operation And Management:

1.During Production process ,should increase (decrease) the amount of air and feeding materials according to the dryer in order to ensure the normal production of the dryer;

2.Timely observe the water level, timely replenishment, be safe, save;

3.Appropriately to add fuel in accordance with consumption of raw materials to ensure the normal operation of their equipment

5.It is prohibited to open the ignition hole and manholes when the furnace is burring.

Shutdown Management

1.Stop feeding about 15 minutes in advance, but fans must run. Turn off the feed dosing device to stop feeding;

2.Turn off the power to stop the fan, 10 minutes later, lightly open ignition hole and manholes, keep the right amount of natural wind to minimize furnace coke.

Special Considerations

1.You must use pure wood fuel biomass particles c6-8mm, do not use too much particulate debris and contaminants pellet fuel. When feeding, to prevent bricks, stone, iron from going into the bin! If the fuel is too poor or other hard objects going into the bins ,cause damage to the equipment ,this will be be covered by the warranty;

2.Dryer or other equipment is best to use the furnace negative, non-positive too large. If positive pressure is too large, you should install the wind equipment;

3.To prevent overspending ,the Material lid must be turned off when it is running. When shutdown, be sure to close the compartment to prevent tempering valve

4.If there is resistance of materials and card material phenomenon, (generally caused due to longer particle) ,use a wooden stick to poke down , do not use wire, steel, to prevent the involvement of the screw, screw causing damage;

5.Fire mouth clear focus: After burner is working for some time, there will be coke near the flame mouth . If this phenomenon occurs, it will seriously affect the operation of the burner. Will cause serious damage to the burner! Thus requiring periodic inspection and decoking.(suggest to check once every 3-7 days )

Decoking way: split out the burner from using equipment , tapping coke block from the fire at the mouth with a stick or iron bar ,make it stay away from the gasification indoor bile. (Be careful not to hurt the gasification indoor guts and fire channel when decoking) coke have too much relationship with fuel , suggest to use of pure wood fuels)

General Troubleshooting

1.Excessive black smoke chimney – Reason: Feeding too much, not enough air flow, resulting in biomass fuel in the furnace can not be timely burned.

Approach: Stop feeding a few minutes to observe the normal exhaust chimney ,then start of normal feeding; lower feed rate to the level that: there is no black smoke emission in the chimney

2.Rebound mouth Mars – Reason: poor ventilation equipment systems slag accumulation of fire or burner nozzles clogged coke.

Approach: Clean and clear Slag accumulation of Thermal Systems product line , or clean the burner nozzle slag accumulation out of the fire. Under general condition for 8 hours / days , needs to to clean up every three months if you use the furnace or heating system piping slag accumulation.