The influence of activated carbon on people’s life

Firstly, the activated carbon is composed of carbon(80%-90%),oxygen and hydrogen(10%). This because our present technology can not carbonize the raw materials completely.


What is the activated carbon made from? Speak of carbon, many people may think it is made from wood and so is the activated carbon. That’s right, but wood is not the only material. The raw material can also be bamboo scrap, nut shell, coconut shell, walnut shell, saw dust, straw and tree barks, etc.. These substances are converted to activated carbon by high temperature and pressure under the action of pyrolysis. The activated carbon produced by carbonization machine has huge surface area and complex pores which can not be seen by human eyes and the size of the pores can choose material to absorb.

In recent years, the popularity of activated carbon has been far beyond our imagination. In our life, activated carbon is widely used in producing daily necessities, such as facial cleanser, toothpaste, soap, shower gel and shoe pad and it can also be used to absorb toxic gas in the house or car. Activated carbon is deeply loved by people because of its various function.

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