The carbonization machine makes the coconut shell recycling trash into treasure

Coconut is one of the favorite fruit enjoyed by people. In our general impression, the valuable parts of coconut are only pulp and juice. With the development of science, people are paying more and more attention to the resource reuse problem and environmental pollution problem. The coconut grove area was 640,000 acres in Hainan Province last year, and produced 240 million coconuts. This is just only in Hainan which is rich in coconut, moreover the other coastal areas like Guangdong are also planting coconuts. So what can we do to handle so many coconut shell much better? Today,Beston will give you a trick.


Biomass carbonization technology is raised again by experts and scholars in the past two years and they believe that the technology can be widely used in biomass carbonization, solid waste carbonization, sludge carbonization and so on. While Beston machinery wins a series of praise and honor through the continuous improvement and innovation in the carbonization machine in the past two years. Then how does the carbonization machine make coconut shell trash into treasure?

The coconut shell is complete without any processing before, but in order to improve quality and easy to carbonization, it needs to crush or shred the coconut shell. The coconut shell is high water content after crushing, it is not only waste energy but also inefficient if it is directly carbonized, so it needs to dry first and then carbonize. So we inherited the experience of dryer manufacturing, the coconut shell is brought into the carbonization machine to carbonize after drying. The carbonization machine and dryer are all less pollution. What we need to pay attention to is we need to go back to the furnance to burn the gas again which is produced in the coconut shell carbonization processing, and the remaining waste smoke discharges after filtering through condenser and water dust scrubber, and can meet the environment protection requirement in most areas.

Beston machinery is providing the technology support of biomass carbonization program, and the biomass carbonization technology makes people refresh a new definition of the coconut shell. The harmless treatment of coconut shell is a new technology in line with public opinion and people’s livelihood.