Bamboo charcoal

The Carbonization Machine for Bamboo Chips Enriches The Function of Bamboo

Bamboo is the representative plant in China, as we all know, the bamboo branches are tall, strong and slender, keep green all the year around, and never afraid of frost and rain, which is appreciated by Chinese from ancient times to the present. We used the bamboo chips cut by bamboo for writing in the old days, this was known as bamboo slip later, and the invention of the bamboo slip pushed forward the cultural spread and promoted the literature. Also there were ancients who made bows and arrows and shields by processing bamboo, and the bamboo stems are strong and common.

The Carbonization Machine for Bamboo Chips Enriches The Function of Bamboo

Since the bamboos grow at a high speed, and are wid ely distributed in Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan and other areas in our country. With the deeply development of reform and opening-up and the abundant of various living goods and furniture, like furniture, artware, musical instrument and so on. Moreover, the progress of technology pushes the bamboo move forward to the direction of deeply processing. In the recent years, we can often see the fiber products that is made by bamboo through physical and chemical effects, which is widely used in textile industry.

However, the progress of productivity and technological level have updated in the recent years again and again, and the bamboo wood is baking and carbonized by carbonization machine, and is made of bamboo charcoal, which is widely used in every aspect of daily life, for example, deodorization, food?processing, steelmaking and so on. The activated carbon that is made from bamboo charcoal through crushing and activation, has good adsorption and purification effect, and is used in the car, home furnishing, sewage treatment and so on.

The appearance of the carbonization machine for bamboo chips enriches the function of bamboo, and through processing, the bamboo charcoal enriches people’s life, in the meanwhile, it improves the bamboo’s value. It is an ideal way of making money for the people who were occupied in bamboo early. In the ancient and modern, many scholars and poets have been loving and appreciating bamboo, if you are one of them, why not contact with Beston Group to know more about the equipment.