Sri Lanka’s Haycarb shares ‘green’ charcoaling technology

Sri Lankan activated carbon multinational Haycarb said it has begun sharing its patented ‘green’ charcoaling technology with local suppliers of raw material and plans to do so in overseas plants as well.

Haycarb patented its green charcoaling process, ‘Recogen’, in 2005 where pollutant gases and heat discharged from the production process are used to generate electricity which is supplied to the national grid.

It has now launched a project to share the technology which has also helped yield big energy savings for the group, as part of Haycarb’s commitment to establish environmentally friendly charcoaling processes, Managing Director Rajitha Kariyawasan said.

Industrial Waste Carbonization Furnace

In its Sri Lanka production base, the firm is making efforts to strengthen the charcoal supply chain by providing technology and initial capital to selected suppliers to install and commission environmentally friendly charcoaling pits.

“While the cost and scale of a ‘Recogen’ plant is prohibitive to smaller operators Haycarb launched a project to provide technical and financing to its loyal suppliers to install and operate environmentally friendly small scale charcoaling pits,” Kariyawasan said.

“Following the success of the project, Haycarb plans to roll out similar initiatives in Thailand and Indonesia as well,” he told shareholders in the company’s 2014 annual report.

In its supplies of raw material, the company has also reduced dependence on India, where prices can fluctuate, by strengthening the supply chain in Indonesia, creating buffer stocks in this region, he said.

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