Significance of combustible garbage carbonization treatment project

China is a country with many population, shortage of resources and land,Tradition dominated by landfill waste disposal technology to destroy Tin covers, waste of land resources, pollute the environment. Combustible garbage carbonization treatment technology is the utility waste treatment technology at home and abroad, This processing technology prominent effect of reduction, recycling and reuse, Its rapid expansion and will open in the application has been sleeping in the treasure home Nanba city resources-the garbage landfill site, For China’s sustained and rapid economic growth provides a new energy security. Combustible garbage carbonization treatment technology development and promotion of this new green technology production in line with China’s national condition; In line with the economic cycle of the world sustainable development strategies; Environmental protection and new energy development in the world is more positive.

finalproductsThe market situation

China’s medium and small cities continuously since the late 19th century the construction of more than 100 hectares of landfills more than 400 seats, Covers an area of tens of thousands of hectares of land, All day and smell the nostrils, Sewage overflows, Serious threat to residents living and production, Further widening of the urban framework, And landfill sites is growing in number and scope, Within a short time it is difficult to stop, increasingly heavy environmental pressure. A case study of laoshan district, Qingdao, China: a garbage landfill area covers an area of 20 hectares, was built in 1993 and put into use, in 2003, the landfill about an average of 5.5 meters in height, total landfill 1.1 million cubic meters, of which 700,000 cubic meters of combustible solid waste; phase II area covers an area of 63 hectares in 2003, built and put into use in September 2011, to stop using. Landfill average 5.5 meters in height, total landfill waste 1.8 million cubic meters of combustible garbage 1.35 million cubic meters. Landfill location near the urban area, along with the development of the city, has been a serious threat to residents ‘ lives. Badly need for landfill excavation, sifting garbage of different ingredients, category, construction aggregate, peat soil, metals, plastics, glass, fabric, separated, and refuse harmless treatment and resource utilization. If garbage carbonization treatment technology which about 2 million cubic meters of combustible waste harmless after carbonization treatment of about 1 million tons, only accounted for more than 70 hectares of conservation, economic and social benefits can be gauged; this example serves to illustrate the garbage carbonization treatment technology of huge market demand, economic benefits, social benefits are the market structure adjustment in China highlighted another emerging Sun occurs during project.

Combustible garbage carbonization treatment project profile

Combustible garbage carbonization treatment project is a combustible waste as raw materials, “High temperature pyrolysis, gas volatile, sulfur release Carbon enrichment “process made” man-made carbon “waste treatment technology. This kind of technology in the world has done more than 30 years of research and trials history. Due to the low energy consumption of this process, the equipment is relatively simple and less environmental pressures, by-product reduction clear, smoke-free free of sulphur, heavy metals and high calorific value, obviously notable features such as resources, Are being widely promoted to municipal solid waste plant vine, rural, industrial, paper wastes, industries and sectors such as municipal sludge, soil improvement! Garbage carbonization technology combustible waste can be reduced in size by more than 95% than direct landfill will save more than 80%!Put an end to the waste disposal generally exists in stacking fermentation odor emissions, As well as secondary noxious liquid leakage to the atmosphere and groundwater pollution; By-product of garbage carbonization process “artificial carbon” fixed carbon content is high (about 90%), About twice the coal (coal-fired fixed carbon content of 55%), With good flammability is a new advanced fuels, Simultaneously the partial carbonization of rubbish can be activated very scalable (can activate up to 75%), Is the ideal material for adsorption of activated carbon.