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How to Identify the Quality of the Machine-Made Charcoal

The charcoal made by a charcoal making machine is the most frequently used charcoal, especially in summer. Most of the charcoal made by a charcoal making machine is originated from wood or agricultural wastes. So they are usually featured with high density, high heat value, smokeless, odorless, zero pollution, non-explosive and non-flammable. Because of those features, they are internationally recognized as a kind of green fuel.

Charcoal Making Machine
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As the need for charcoal increases, various kinds of charcoal with different qualities appear on the market. Therefore, you may need some tips on how to identify the quality of those charcoal.

1. Check the color

Break the charcoal and then check the color of the fracture surface to see if there’s any yellowing. If there is, there might be too many impurities in the charcoal. Impurities in the charcoal may cause ash and volatile exceeding the safe standard. Sometimes, it will also cause smoke and odor during the process of using. It will be not good for those charcoal used in the food processing industry. Yellowing is the most typical characteristic for an incomplete carbonizing.

The standard statistics of the high-quality wood charcoal stick made by Beston charcoal making and briquetting machine are as follows for your reference,

Carbon Heating Value Ash Volatile Water External Diameter Median Pore Radius
85% 8kcal/kg 5% 15% 4% 37-40 mm 15 mm
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Beston High-Quality Charcoal Making Machine for sale

2. Check the carbon film

The surface of the charcoal made by a charcoal machine is usually covered by a hard carbon film. The thicker and blacker the film is, the better the quality of the charcoal will be. When you observe the film carefully, you can tell whether it is high or low temperature carbonizing according to the color.

3. Check the hardness

Hold the charcoal stick and use the thumb to press the charcoal. If the stick cannot be bend, the hardness is OK. So, the harder the charcoal is, the better the quality will be.

Now you have got the skills to tell the good or bad charcoal by yourself. If you are planning to buy a charcoal making machine yourself, those skills will be much more helpful to you. You need to check if the charcoal produced by the carbonization furnace is good or not and it will be the key for you to decide which furnace you are investing in.

Wood Charcoal Machine
High-quality Charcoal Produced by Beston Charcoal Machine
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Beston, as a leading wood charcoal making machine manufacturer in China, has decades of experience of research, design, and manufacturing of the machine. No matter which raw materials you choose (like straws, rice husks, and sawdust, etc), we promise the quality of the charcoal and an eco-friendly working process of the machine as well. If you are interested in the machine and the bio-charcoal, you can leave your message to us now.

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