How to solve the dust problem generated by the sludge carbonization machine?

The sludge contains a lot of ash and improper handling can also cause dust problem. Especially in the past few years, the problem of sludge dust has been plaguing people in the areas of sludge carbonization and sludge drying application. With the development of science and technology and the deepening of people’s understandings towards sludge dust, the air pollution problem in the process of carbonization has gradually been solved. Since 21st century, people began to pay attention to the value of sludge and sludge carbonization industry has ushered its unprecedented prosperity.


The sludge needs drying before being carbonized and dedusting is a necessary step in this process. Generally, the sludge carbonization machine is equipped with a cyclone dust collector and an atomizing water dust removal system through which the dust can be filtered. The pressure of environmental protection is increasing with the deterioration of the living environment. To improve air quality, we should start from two aspects, basic literacy and technology.