How to realize the optimal production state of the straw carbonization machine?

The production of environmental straw charcoal can not be separated from the straw carbonization machine. So how to make full use of the advantages of carbonization machine and bring greatest benefits to users in the actual production process? The following is an analysis from Beston Machinery.

Firstly, the quality of straw carbonization machine equipment is the premise. Only qualified equipment is the basis of production. The manufacturers must guarantee that their machines are qualified products.

How to realize the optimal production state of the straw carbonization machine

Secondly, besides quality, we should learn more about the operating process of charcoal making and the regular maintenance work of the machine in the production process. In addition, we should choose some specialized technicians to accomplish these work.

Thirdly,the making of charcoal production line relies on a variety of equipment rather than a single equipment to coordinate and complete. So the placement of equipment and the design of site should be reasonable.

Fourthly, in the production process, the operation of the carbonization machine must be strictly in accordance with the operation procedure provided by the manufacturers. Thus reducing the machine failures caused by human operation.

Fifthly, pay attention to the regular maintenance work of the machine, especially the repair of electric motors, wearing parts and some important parts, etc. In a word, we should completely eradicate the problem in daily operation.

Sixthly, pay attention to the electronic motor and safety production.

The operation voltage of the electronic motor should be 380V as required by the manufacturer. Safety production means that we should put the charcoal in a well-ventilated place so as to put an end to the spontaneous combustion of charcoal.

The six points mentioned above are what we should pay more attention to in the process of producing charcoal. Producing charcoal in a safe and efficient way is the standard for a carbon factory to make profit. Only maintain the best production state of the straw carbonization machine can we get real benefits.