How to put the wood into high-quality charcoal

Cellulose, wood fiber and water are the main three ingredients of wood. Cellulose, wood fiber as well as other elements tightly hold together, constituting the raw materials of which we called wood.

The water taking the form of water molecules is absorbed or contained in the structure of cellulose and wood fiber, while the air-dried wood still remains about 15% moisture. Moreover, the growing or wet timbers contain liquid water, taking the total moisture between some 40% and 100%. Quality charcoal can be produced with Beston’s mechanism charcoal plant by adjusting the percentage of timber dryness.


At the beginning, the wood will be made the carbonization by carbon stove. The stage of carbonization will play the critical role although it is not the one that costs the most during the production of charcoal machine.

With the increased cost for charcoal’s processing and the disadvantages to society from resources, Beston Group has made an advocation that we should use equipment with energy saving and environmental protection. Besides timbers, Beston’s charcoal production line can also make the carbonization of agricultural materials as well as waste, getting a superduper effect for charcoals.

The working process of making quality charcoal

Firstly, timbers will be carbonized within the temperature of dryness and the moisture is lower than zero water content;
Secondly, the temperature will be improved gradually. Combustible gas is generated from gasifier lit only once, making a continuous production in Beston’s charcoal system. The temperature can up to 500℃, and the maximum temperature can be from 600℃to 900℃.

Our company has been innovatively researching for many years, making quality charcoal equipment constantly for the satisfactory of each customer, and your suggestions will always be our improvement goals. One will get a variety of privileges if purchasing our machines now.