How to carbonize household waste and light industrial waste?

The common garbage has two kinds, household waste and industrial waste. Garbage refers to things that have no value and are difficult to recycle. The waste is difficult to recycle because of its various kinds and our many technologies at present are still not mature. So many people choose the way of landfill to deal with the waste. However, as time goes on, the waste will pollute groundwater and give off horrible smell. The day before yesterday, our installation team brought back the end product of waste from Malaysia which is produced by our first carbonization machine. Next is a brief introduction of the carbonizing process of household waste and light industrial waste.

How to carbonize household waste and light industrial waste

The first step of carbonization is to sort garbage manually. Pick out the garbage that is voluminous and difficult to deal with from the conveyor belt. The next step is to use shredding machine to shred the garbage and send them to the roller screener by conveyor belt for the first screening. Then send the garbage into magnetic separator to pick out the garbage containing iron. And then it will be sent into the dryer and at last the dried garbage will be sent into carbonization machine through screw feeding device. The end product can be used after being dedusted.

Beston’s waste carbonization technology can turn waste into wealth, which is in line with our national policy “Recycling, harmless, decrement”. All of our technologies are in line with the requirements of environmental protection. Welcome to visit and inspect.