How the bamboo charcoal biomass organic fertilizer works

Earlier, we have introduced to you that the carbonized biomass can be further processed into organic fertilizer(also called carbon base fertilizer) by the carbonization machine manufactured by Beston Machinery. Today, take the bamboo charcoal biomass organic fertilizer as an example, we will introduce to you the action principle of the biomass carbon base fertilizer in detail. The bamboo charcoal biomass organic fertilizer is developed on the basis of plant nutrition, soil biology and physical characteristics of the bamboo charcoal. Use bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar liquid, amino acid, humic acid and beneficial microbial flora as main raw material and adopting international advanced production technology to compound them into the final product. The carbon base fertilizer has passed the international IMO organic certification, and is in accordance with the USDA organic standards.

How the bamboo charcoal biomass organic fertilizer works

The follows are the action principle of the bamboo biomass organic fertilizer:

1.The biomass organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter and bamboo charcoal, among which the humus is the natural cementing agent. It can also significantly improve soil aggregate structure due to the large space structure of the bamboo charcoal.

2.The pore structure of bamboo charcoal makes it have strong water adsorption capacity. In addition, its cation exchange capacity(CEC) makes the bamboo charcoal a better fertilizer release carrier.

3.The bamboo charcoal carbon base fertilizer after processing contains a variety of beneficial microbial flora. Thus making the fertilizer has functions of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus-dissolving and kalium-dissolving etc.. It can also greatly improve the contents and effectiveness of the N, P, K, Ca, Fe and other elements in the soil.

4.The bamboo charcoal can effectively adsorb the heavy metal and pesticide residues, and the active microorganism around it can also improve the decomposition rate of pesticide residues in soil.

The bamboo biomass organic fertilizer has replaced the chemicalfertilizer as a another good organic fertilizer. It has no chemical residues and can wellimprove soil organic matter content, which has a great developing prospect. If youwant to know more about the bamboo biomass organic fertilizer, please continue tofocus on the information platform of Beston Machinery. We will sincerely provideyou with more professional knowledge and high quality carbonization machine.