Factory conditions and raw material requirements about carbonization equipment

Production sites and site selection

Production sites according to local conditions, make full use of abundant, roads built where convenient, reducing investment in the project.

Raw material requirements

Raw materials used in the production of urban refuse and industrial paper and other combustible organic materials.

1.Waste inorganic constituents of less than or equal to 5%.

2.Lime: CaO content greater than 40%.

carbonizationfurnaceMajor sources of raw materials, quality and price standards

Combustible garbage: from the transit of waste transfer station or landfill digging. Used cars shipped to the factory, the factory price of 0.

Lime: the use of nearby factories to produce raw lime powder. Used cars shipped to the refinery, the factory price of 500 Yuan/ton.

Factory conditions

Power supply

New 120KVA substation from the substation transformer and wiring it to the new garbage carbonization production line matching, distribution cabinets. New plant and new equipment purchased by the new power distribution room wiring, electricity prices 1.0 Yuan/degree.


1.Production quality requirements:

Water temperature: above 0 degrees Celsius, PH=6.5-7.5,C1<30ppm, insolubles ≤ 500mg/L, ≤ 600mg/L sulfate, sugar content ≤ 500mg/L, calcium content (CaCO3) ≤ 500mg/L.

2.Diversion of water directly from the tap water pipe network. The river water can be used to meet the requirements, you can also use tap water. This water for production (weighted average of the price of tap water and river water) for about 2.0 Yuan/ton.

3.Drainage: domestic wastewater treated, flows into the plant sewage pipe network. Plant rain water can be discharged.

Production recycles wastewater to sewage treatment.

4.Amenities and facility

Amenities and facilities investment is not within the scope of this feasibility study, separate consideration by the units based on its own terms.

5 .Natural conditions

Seasons the dominant wind direction wind and seismic intensity 7 security.

According to the local hydrological, meteorological conditions and preliminary design of the project and construction design.