The effective method to disposal of semi-solid waste

The treatment of municipal waste is indeed a very headache problem. We may take a wide public opinion consult, find a most appropriate solution. Put our heads together and then build our city into a neat, beautiful area with economic prosperity suitable for human habitation. Hereby, the author makes several basic suggestions:

1. For human fecal disposal. We used to resort to the treatment of taking high temperature disinfection emissions by the septic tank toward human and animal excreta. It is unimaginable to take every city’s human excreta emissions into account. A large number of human excreta through simple processing are discharged into rivers and lakes year by year, while the chemical disinfectant and bactericide from excreta can pollute the land and drinking water. The rural human fecal disposal is to build a central landfill site and directly be used in farmland fertilizer. No matter which method is adopted, it can make serious pollution to the land and water.

carbonizationfurnaceAs for human fecal disposal, we human ought to find a most proper method, which is to build a human feces biological organic fertilizer factory. We can centralize human excreta then disinfect with heat and remove chemical toxins, next use the ultraviolet disinfection.

Human fecal disposal eco-friendly is a comprehensive engineering project of large scale, and it is also a good thing that benefit the nation and the people. Establishing human faces processing enterprises is benefit for social development, and save a lot of pollution and meet the demand of crop fertilizer.  The widely used of mixed fertilizer  is benefit to land maintenance and crop increase. Having increased enterprise, it is positive to save the problem of surplus rural labor force as well as urban labor employment.

According to this, the human fecal disposal enterprises are blooming everywhere as its low investment , effectiveness. The government lead to  the private enterprises for mutual development, supported by government ,invested by private, that is a good thing for the nation and people.  cities should built a group for human fecal disposal enterprise ,driving the rural enterprise of human fecal disposal, and carrying out this unprecedented  environmental engineering together.

This project can reduce the human fecal pollution of the rivers, lakes ,land and human drinking water, and protect the atmosphere in some way.

The best way of deal with human faeces  is the method of no chemical sterilization, the first step is use ultra high temperature warm killed the harmful bacteria partly, the second step is use ultraviolet radiation sterilization killed high temperature bacteria,the third step is use oxygen dissociation ,pure oxygen pressure as well as vacuumize to sterilization,at last, poisonous and harmful bacteria was killed.In production ,scientific and research is the first productivity, depending on science, trying to shorten process and reduce cost. achieving the modern scientific concept of new industry with  low investment ,high output.

Building the modern human fecal disposal enterprise, base on the country ,change the high costs of urban sewage and the direction of sewage ,leading the urban sewage to the human fecal disposal enterprise. large  purified water after sterilization can  released to the farmland as irrigation in the same time .the sewage can irrigate the thousands of farmland after deal with in every city, reducing exploit underground water and saving water, turning the urban sewage into wealth. The sediment of urban sewage can product lots of organic chemical fertilizer ,and make a positive to the land and improve the soil productivity as well as crop output. environment protection project should develop in science, this advanced for present age ,benefit for future.

Human fecal disposal eco-friendly is a large interchange project, which is need to supported by the government’s policies and law, as well as society’s focus on. Global environment protection is a major topics that humanity research human fecal disposal project, which also require all governments join in.