The disposal and reuse about waste sludge

Put the pile of dry industrial sludge into a device, ignite, burning, melting, after a raging fire, leaving the furnace-like molten magma body; the melt spilled from both high and low outlet, place some time, the red “lava” black slag cooling into two parties block, one for heavy piece of metal, one for a lighter oxide residue.According to the technology patented inventor introduced, this is just a successful new pilot technology to extract price different metals by treatment and disposal of heavy metals in industrial sludge, although the high cost of treatment, while the obvious environmental benefits.It is understood that a wide range of industrial sludge, complicated composition of which there are many kinds for containing contaminated substances are included in the National List of Hazardous Wastes
“Random dumping of industrial sludge, landfill caused great harm. But if for different types of sludge for laboratory analysis, will find that most of the sludge contain valuable material.” Huang Danxi told reporters that he has so far for many industrial dozens of sludge generated by the industry laboratory analysis conducted for different sludge, developed a corresponding processing technology, and most are successfully achieved utilization and safe disposal of industrial sludge.”Non-heavy metal black metal pickling sludge contains about 40% iron oxide,” For example, he said, after adding alkali neutralization, dehydration, after drying, can be used as raw material for cement production with iron oxide powder, sold directly to Cement plant. Dyeing sludge also contains a certain amount of iron, can be processed to extract a considerable proportion of iron oxide powder, can be used as additives material for cement production and raw materials of ironworks production . For electroplating sludge containing heavy metals, you can use the just success of this technology in the test equipment, recover the various metals and heavy metals.¬†High iron content of the sludge, the treated part of the slag can be a made as the raw materials of cement additives production, metal reduzate objects can be directly used as the lift counter weight.” Huang Danxi carrying a heavy gray iron said that Mineralization of slag can produce baking-free brick, flue gas recovery of high purity metal can be directly sold. Since the high temperature’s melt, a small amount of hazardous heavy metal oxide material has restored to solidified metal, will have no impact on the external environment.

“Jiangsu and Zhejiang industry are more developed, producing a large amount of industrial sludge, the existing treatment facilities and units can not meet the growing demand for disposal. At the same time, due to lack of appropriate technology, many sludge which has a certain value in use is difficult to be effective use. “, said Huang Danxi, therefore, Wuxi Huishan Yuqi Industrial Park set up special industrial sludge treatment technology research project ,cooperated and developed by Wuxi Jinqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin City Tianchen Industrial Solid Waste Treatment Co., LTD., Wuxi Tianchen Iron Mineralization Factory and Jiangsu Tianchen Industrial Sludge Institute .It is understood that this equipment was developed by our company that can handle heavy metal sludge type of solid waste, used batteries, black metal pickling sludge (free of heavy metals), etc., and recycled copper, iron, nickel, chromium and other metals, zinc and other low melting point metals can be recycled from the flue gas.