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Differences Between Carbonization Stove and Carbonization Machine

To get charcoal from biomass, a carbonization machine may not be the only choice. Some people will also choose the carbonization stove. So, what is the difference between the carbonization stove and the carbonization machine? Let’s talk about it today.

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Beston Carbonization Machine

Obviously, both of them use the technology of biomass carbonization to produce biochar. But they are actually essentially different because carbonization stove is an upgraded version of the traditional carbonization kiln, but the carbonization machine is a modern charcoal making equipment.

Carbonizing Period

The complete carbonizing period of a typical carbonization stove has much shorter than the traditional homemade typed stove, which is about 5-7 days. But you only need less than a day to complete the process. At the same time, the whole carbonizing of a carbonization machine is continuous. As the techniques keep making progress, the time period is now getting shorter. For example, using Beston newly-designed rice husk charcoal making machine to carbonize coconut shells, you only need 15 minutes from feeding to charcoal discharging (thereinto, the preheating time is exclusive).

Daily Capacity

The maximum daily capacity of Beston continuous charcoal making machine is 50 tons, which a traditional carbonization stove cannot catch up. Sometimes, the carbon content of the final products of a carbonization stove is higher than that of the machine, but the inhomogeneity of the charcoal produced by the stove is a small negative of it. But when you use a biomass charcoal making machine, you will find the quality of the biochar is much better.

Care for the Environment

The production of a traditional carbonization stove not only relies on the weather but also pose some negative influence on the surroundings. While a modern carbonization machine is green and environmentally friendly. Take Beston biochar production equipment for instance, the flue gas will go through a strict filtering system before they can be discharged safely to the outside.

In addition, a traditional carbonizing stove asks for more fuel and energy, labors and more preparation jobs compared with a continuous carbonization machine.

Beston Carbonization Machine
Beston Carbonization Machine

Except for the above-said differences, there are actually many other differences between a carbonization stove and the machine. But there is, indeed, the trend of using charcoal making machines instead of a traditional stove or kiln. If you want to know more about the differences between them, you may need to know more of Our Products now.