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Coconut Shell Charcoal Has Mutiple Functions

Coconut shell is an important materials to produce biomass charcoal of all over the world, especially in many developing countries, such as India, Malaysia. Coconut shell charcoal has some outstanding advantages and features, and it also has wide applications. For example, coconut shell charcoal can is the best additive of activated carbon. In addition, due to its high caloric value, it can be used as fuel in industry and living life. It is one of the best fuels to cook  and has no any pollution.

At most time, we are all interested in the working process of coconut shell charcoal making. In order to produce excellent charcoal, Beston Machinery has adopted top rate production technology. The major carbonization process includes high temperature pyrolysis, smoke emission, sulfur discharge, and charcoal enrichment of waste disposal technology. Carbonization of coconut shell is a simple high temperature heating, which can grind coconut shell into powder and then make into charcoal briquette with different sizes and shapes. The temperature of charcoal furnace is always between 400 and 780℃.

Beston coconut shell charcoal  making machine
Beston coconut shell charcoal making machine

The advantages of using coconut shell charcoal can be displayed as following:

First, coconut shell charcoal belongs to the products of environmental protection. The ash content of the coconut shells is around 0.6% and the lignin is about 36.5%, what helps to turn the coconut shell into briquettes fairly easily. Furthermore, it is safe to burn coconut shell charcoal without any pollution, so it is suitable for BBQ.

Secondly, coconut shell charcoal can be used as fuel replacing coal, wood and natural gas in many industrial production, which has greatly reduced the consumption of non-renewable energy. So coconut shell charcoal can also make a great contribution to sustainable development.

Finally, charcoal has rich microelements, so it can be used as fertilizer in agricultural production to increase yield of crops.

In recent years, Beston coconut shell charcoal making machine has been exported to many different foreign countries, such as Australia, Indonesia, Ukraine, etc, most parts of machines have been ran to production, so if you want to have a field visit, we will make a special arrangement for you. In order to make our products further enter the international market, our company is going to set overseas warehouse, which will be more convenient for clients to visit our plant and also can reduce the precious time of clients. Beston Group has become a famous brand in the whole carbonization areas. Lastly, apart from coconut shell, coconut shell charcoal making machine invented by Beston Machinery Company can also process other biomass wastes such as rice husk, palm shell, wood chips, straw, etc. Therefore, the machine is suitable for all over the world.