Coconut shell carbonization machine successfully put into operation in Thailand

Thailand is the most famous planting site of coconut in the world. In 2014,the production area and output of coconut in Thailand accounted for 3% and 4% of the whole world. Coconut is a treasure—its flesh can be used for making candied fruit or drink, its shell can be used for making activated carbon and its thick skin can be made into high-class mattress, fertilizer or fuel. Coconut is regarded as the most valuable crop.

Now we will talk about the activated carbon made by coconut shell and its production method. Firstly, steam and gas activation method. Using water vapor or carbon dioxide to activate the carbon under the temperature of 850 ~ 900℃. Secondly, chemical activation method. We all know that activated carbon is famous for its good absorbability and it can absorb the metal ions, harmful gas, organic pollutants and pigment in the waste water or gas. Activated carbon can also be used in industry and other fields, such as the discoloration of oil, beverage, food, drinking water, gas separation, solvent recovery and air conditioning and anti venom mask.

coconut shell charcoal

With the development of social progress and the improvement of our living standards, activated carbon will be used more and more widely and it will usher its unprecedented development prospects. We used carbonization furnace to carbonize coconut shell before and now we have launched a new type equipment. This equipment is an ideal carbonization machine which has overcome the shortcomings of the original one.

Recently, our company has cooperated with Thailand friends and produced a 500KG/H coconut shell carbon processing line. The main equipments include forklift, storage equipment, metal shredders, coconut shell carbonization machine, high temperature reaction device and packing machine. It has now been put into operation after several months of coordination and installation. The end products brought by installation personnel from abroad a few days before have reached the ideal requirements.