Charcoal machines make the production of the best activated carbon

China is the first country discovering the promoting effect for carbon absorption from microorganism. Biomass charcoal produced by charcoal can also be processed to quality activated carbon, whose strong absorption is known to us. In recent years, a great deal of experiment studies have been done in china, and biomass carbon has been used in many places for industrial wastewater. In western European, the widest field helped by biomass charcoal is drinking water which can be removed toxic compound, odor and some cancerogen such as halomethanes. We can learnt from the investigation that the use of activated carbon is very important.

activated carbon

Activated carbon has been holding its evolution using woods for a long time. In order to protect the environment and our home, we should make energy conservation and emission reduction as well as the use of surrounding waste to obtain the most valuable activated carbon.

Beston Group produces the environmental charcoal whose raw materials are wood, saw dust, straw and others, and relatively quality activated carbon will be produced by Beston’s environmental charcoal machine. Activated carbon produced by charcoal equipment is more suitable for the handle of Water purification and is the combination of microorganism and activated carbon granule. Activated carbon and ion exchange resin have the ability to absorb quite microorganism on their surface. Our aim is to make you the most satisfying charcoal equipment and repay your support and trust with first-class technical service. We sincerely give our welcome to new and old customers at home and abroad for cooperation, communication and patronage, creating a bright tomorrow hand in hand with our customers.