Charcoal Machine is Very Environmental Protection And Practical

The charcoal is very useful. The human has been founded the effect of making charcoal and its function in early ancient times. Later, the pig iron of charcoal was founded. The specifications of the use of charcoal iron has not announced in our country. The features of charcoal iron is low sulphur, low phosphorus and the quality is better than coke pig iron. The steel that made made by charcoal iron, because of the good quality is very popular with people. The charcoal iron is very famous in the past era of Russian in European market. The temperature of the charcoal itself can give a properties to iron, this properties can make it physical properties very good.


Our factory specializing in the production of charcoal machine, we promise you good quality and best service. In generally, The use of charcoal is barbecue, cooking, heating and etc. However, most of our friends didn’t know charcoal also can be used in metallurgical industry, the charcoal can be used for puddling, charcoal and coke can be smelt to iron. The charcoal machine uses advanced technology which is effective, environment friendly and low cost. The machine uses the biomass waste as material, this reduce the harmful for the forest and environment. Modern charcoal machine produces high-quality charcoal, which widely used in medicine and chemical industry, cosmetics, environmental protection and agriculture. In a word, the charcoal machine can turns the organic material into more useful charcoal and charcoal powder, this is more close to our life.

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