Charcoal Making Machine

Carbonization Machine in the US

According to the Boston Globe, a large amount of waste are piling in the recycling factories in Massachusetts. As the price of waste disposal rises, the task of waste treatment for the local government and waste recycling industry has become very tough.

Landfills in the US

At the same time, China, who just imposed the ban of importing “foreign waste” from developed countries at the beginning of 2018, has also improved the requirements of the waste cardboard and metal, the only staff which can be exported to China. The non-recyclables must cover lower than 0.5% among all the recyclables. Therefore, the recycling organizations in the US have to pay much attention to the process of garbage classification and work out more solutions to the current situation of waste recycling.

Facing the increasing amount of waste and the cost of waste recycling, the government of the United States gets involved and believes the producers shall undertake the responsibility of disposing of the waste they generated.

Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Charcoal Making Machine

That’s the opportunity why waste carbonization machine becomes popular in the waste recycling industry in the US. Waste carbonization machine, sometimes called as waste reducer because it can reduce at least 95% of the total volume of the wastes. Usually, a carbonization machine uses the technology of carbonization and pyrolysis to turn organic waste (such as agricultural waste, wood branches, bamboo, coconut shells, palm kernel shells, etc) and municipal solid waste into biofuels. Because most of the end products of this machine are charcoal, it is also named as the charcoal machine.

The US has a vast territory and rich resources of woods. Influenced by the living habits of the Americans, the green wastes or garden wastes have accumulated. Since the green waste and garden waste like wood branches, straws and sawdust are perfect raw materials for carbonization, it is a good chance to invest in a biochar production equipment in the US.

Biomass Charcoal Production Machine
Biomass Charcoal Production Machine

Besides, the US has super metropolis like the NYC. The MSW management is also increasing in every minute. To dispose of the waste by themselves, they will need recycling facilities like the carbonization machine, which can not only reduce the volume of the waste largely but bring profits to the society.

The United States is a large country with strong comprehensive power. Without exporting their wastes into the developing country, they must rely on themselves and make a way to get rid of the hills of waste in the landfills. And we believe one of the right things they need shall be a very simple carbonization furnace.

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