Carbonization machine can turn disposal chopsticks into wealth by recycling and processing


Each coin has two sides, so is the disposable chopsticks. Disposable chopsticks are convenient for people’s life but they consume a lot of wood resources. The disposable chopsticks can only be used once and the used disposable chopsticks are difficult to break down and they will pollute the environment. Although the elimination of disposable chopsticks is a trend in the development of human society, this period must be an iterative process. As a result, the emergence of the chopsticks carbonization technology becomes an important recycling technology.


Chopsticks are made of wood, so they be turned into carbon powder or particles after high temperature anaerobic reaction. The chopsticks must be crushed simply before being carbonized due to their different specifications, which will improve the carbonization efficiency effectively. The efficiency of processing them together will be lower than processing a single type one time because different chopsticks have different raw materials. What’s more, the gas production is also different.

The end product of chopsticks after being carbonized is carbon which can be used as new energy and as fertilizer to improve heat preservation capacity of the soil. The end product of part chopsticks is activated carbon. Carbon has a wide range of application in daily life and the demand of carbon market will become larger as our living standard improve. As a result, carbon culture has begun in 21st century and lots of carbonization machine manufacturers have sprung up. The chopsticks carbonization machine manufactured by Beston Group Co., Ltd. is suitable for all kinds of chopsticks. Our equipment has advantages of good seal, high safety factor and thoughtful after-service.