Carbonization machine can deal with sludge with water content more than 80%

The sludge which has complicated kinds is very difficult to handle and it mainly includes living sludge and industrial sludge. Traditional sludge treatment method has many defects. Nowadays, with the development of society and destruction of ecological environment, the problem of sludge treatment has raised people’s attention. Generally the sludge can not directly be processed by carbonization machine because its water content is usually more than 40%.Therefore the sludge needs drying and dehydrating before the next step of processing.

Technological Features Of Charcoal Equipment

Different sludge drying equipment, different drying effects. Beston Machinery generally recommends the filter device and long cylinder dryer due to their mature technology. In the process of drying and carbonization, dioxin will be produced which is a colorless, tasteless and extremely toxic gas and is very bad to human health. After many experiments, we have chosen the high temperature furnace as our support equipment which can destroy dioxin’s molecular structure under the temperature of 1400℃. In this way, the dioxin is not able to enter the surrounding environment. Such a technology is the most promising technology in 21st century to carbonize waste and sludge. What’s more, the dedusting technology used to purify flue is an ideal method for sludge treatment at present.

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