Beston Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

What We Can Do Facing The Current A Series of Environmental Problems

Energy shortage can be said the most urgency and serious problem in today’s world. For human being, every thing can not be finished without the help of energy. The activities of human being need heat energy, but in the past, this kind of resource origined the traditional fuel, such as coal, wood, crude oil, and natural gas, which all belong to non renewable energy. With the fast reducing of these non-renewable materials, people’s life have suffered a large influence.

In order to efficiently solve this issue, many governments call for the development and research of renewable energy. Under this situation, Beston Group stands out from the crowd. The company has been engaged in researching waste recycling for 15+years, and it has possessed the professional production team, so it has a strong strength in the whole industry. The major product is the biochar production equipment, and this kind of machine can process different waste no matter biomass or industrial waste or even medical waste. From the literal meaning, the end product of the machine is the biochar, which is a kind of green energy. Due to the available raw materials that include rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell, wood chip, sawdust, straw, etc. The biochar also can be renewable. In this way, it has largely solved the problem of non renewable energy shortage.

Beston Biochar production Equipment
Beston Biochar Production Equipment

For the two outstanding features of higher caloric value, little pollution, biochar has been widely applied in industrial smelting, agricultural fertilizer, daily warming and cook, etc. And at present, it also can be easily seen in BBQ. Finally, we can truly realize the purpose of waste resourcing and harmlessness.

From this project, we can discover the potential value of wastes. As the saying goes, waste is a kind of resource that is just put in wrong places. Of course, processed by carbonization plant is just one efficient method to dispose garbage. In addition, the waste sorting plant and waste pyrolysis machine can also make great contributions to solve the serious environmental problems.

All of above are truth, we are responsible for each world that we have promised. In addition, we have many successful cases, and our charcoal making machine for sale has been exported to many foreign countries, such as South Africa, Indonesia, etc.

Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Charcoal Making Machine

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