Biomass Carbonization Furnace

Biomass Carbonization Technology

At present, the phenomenon of energy shortage has become more and more serious,and discovering the new renewable energy has become a urgency topic in the world. Many technicians have focused on the study of biomass carbonization, which also has drive the development of biomass charcoal machine. On the research of biomass carbonization machine, professionals pay more attention to the factors that affect the biomass carbonization process and the major devices. experts have drawn a conclusion that the raw materials, pretreatment, and carbonization technology are the three major points of the whole process. In addition, different kinds of carbonization machines have their own characteristics.

Biomass Carbonization Machine
Biomass Carbonization Machine

As a kind of biomass thermochemical conversion technology, biomass pyrolysis technology refers to the process of cutting raw materials into smaller pieces through shredder, and then the raw materials will be conveyed to furnace tohave a higher temperature carbonization under the condition of no oxygen environment. The raw materials will generate biochar, combustible gas, tar and wood vinegar in the furnace. Biomass carbonization equipment also can be called as biomass pyrolysis plant, and the machine has the characteristics of higher carbonization efficiency, higher quality of charcoal, lower energy consumption, fully sealed running condition.

Carbonization is the procedure that the organic materials is to generate a reaction of high temperature pyrolysis and then left the residue or charcoal. During the whole process, except the charcoal, all components of raw materials will be removed, and finally, the raw materials will be converted into fixed charcoal whose structure is complicated. In general, the biomass materials enter carbonization plant and pass through four steps: drying, pretreatment, carbonization and burning. Drying also belongs to the pretreatment device, and the temperature of dryer is about 120 ℃ to 150 ℃. After that, the raw materials will be conveyed to furnace, and when the temperature of furnace has reached the 100℃, the raw materials will generate charcoal and combustible gas. When the temperature of biochar production equipment has reached the 450-500℃, the product yield of the whole equipment will get the biggest.

Biomass Carbonization Furnace
Biomass Carbonization Furnace

The factors that affect the biomass carbonization plant rate

Raw Materials

The raw materials of biomass charcoal machine include rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell, wood chips, and bamboo, etc. In general, green plants biochar has higher carbon contents and lower ash contents. But different biomass materials has the different proportion of organic components, ash contents. Thus, the character of raw materials are the primary factor.

Pretreatment Methods.

Different pretreatment methods will also have an important impact on the biological charcoal yield. in certain conditions, the yield of raw materials with biological carbon block from large to small and gradually decreased. Of course, the more massive raw materials are, longer the carbonization process is, lower the carbonization degree is. the biomass acid alkali treatment or add chemicals to raw materials before or after pretreatment will also make a significant difference on the characteristic of end products. In general, a certain concentration of acid or alkali will destroy the biomass within the cellulose and hemicellulose structure, which was separated from the wood, and producing the carbonized product with a higher porosity.

Technological Parameters

Technological parameters is one of the main factors affecting the quality of biochar. The pyrolysis temperature and heating rate are key factors affecting the yield and properties of biochar. Because in the pyrolysis process, in addition to biochar, bio oil and bio gas are also the two kinds of by-products. What’s more, different pyrolysis temperature and heating rate will have a great influence on the distribution among these 3 kinds of products.

Although great progress has been made in the development of biomass carbonization plant at home and abroad, there are still some problems needed to be solved.

1. Foreign research mainly is the carbonization of wood, which is mainly for the domestic research of some agricultural wastes such as hot pressing straw, peanut shell of nut shell cold pressing study and research of molding charcoal is relatively small;

2. The speciesand and the combustion characteristics of plants waste are different. At present, the research on specific species also has not been reported;

3. Most research reports are limited to the study of single biomass carbonization, but few studies on compound biomass.

Beston Biochar Production Equipment
Beston Biochar Production Equipment Shipped Out

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