Biomass Carbonization Machine

Advantages of Investing in a Charcoal Making Machine

Before you make the decision to invest in a charcoal making machine, you may have had a thorough investigation on the bad needs of charcoals but you may not really know the potentially huge values it will bring to you. Let’s talk about it today.

Biomass Carbonization Machine
Beston Carbonization Machine In Uzbekistan

After the carbonization of the agro waste, such as straws and rice husks, they will become the biochar which has higher heat value and huge changes in density and intensity. Therefore, using biochar instead of coal as the heating resource will improve the heating efficiency. At the same time, it will reduce your cost of the emission treatment because it is a kind of clean energy. The flue gas generated during the burning of biochar is much cleaner and safer than burning coals.

Continuous Biomass Carbonization Machine
Continuous Biomass Carbonization Machine

The Advantages of Charcoal Making Machine

1. A wide range of raw materials: agro waste like straws, leaves, wood branches, rice husk, coconut shells, palm kernel shells and any other organic waste can be the raw materials of this machine. And those materials are very easy to find and cheap to get.

2. Environmental friendly and energy-saving: turn waste into treasure; solve the problem of agro waste disposal of promoting the economic development of agricultural areas.

3. Low-cost: you don’t need too much money to invest in this machine. The operation is also very easy so you just need to do some basic training for the operators before they can handle the machine.

Charcoal Making Machine
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Charcoal Making Machine
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4. Wide Usages of the final product. The biochar can replace coal to be used as fuels in many aspects of human’s daily life, such as BBQ charcoal, fuel for boiler and warmer, and also in the electricity generation industry.

5. Considerable profits. Due to the wide usages of the biochar, the rising price of coal and the vast market prospect of clean energy, you will definitely get high profits from this machine.

6. There will be the additional value generated during carbonization process. When you carbonize biomass, there will be wood vinegar and tar which can also be collected and used in many areas.

In a word, if you have a lot of agricultural waste ready for dispose of, you can consider of investing in a charcoal making machine. It cannot only help you treat those organic waste properly, but also bring you profits and help you make money from waste materials. If you have any other questions about this kind of machine, you can contact Beston at any time.